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Commission Request Page


Submit your art and animation commissions using the submission form below. I receive all requests via email and will respond to requests usually in 1-2 days. 

If I have accepted your request I will require payment upfront for most works. This will be done via paypal through an invoice you will received alongside your response email. If you have requested a quotation, this will be presented to you via email in an invoice also. If you are unhappy with your quotation, or have decided you no longer want your request fulfilled you can choose to not pay the amount at this time, as no work will begin on your request until payment has been confirmed. Any request without payment after 7 days will be cancelled and left unfulfilled. 

If you are seeking to hire me over several days as a freelance worker I will include a watermark on all work until payment has been received. Invoices will also operate on a daily rate rather than set quotation, however estimates can be requested. Additional materials may also be requested from you for certain projects.

General illustration Commissions will take a few days to deliver, with more complex/coloured requests obviously taking longer. Animations delivery date will vary depending on the brief itself. Again with more complex/coloured commissions taking longer. 

If commissions are closed there is no guarantee that submitted requests will receive a reply. Nor is there any guarantee that a reply will surface once commissions are opened up again. 

Commission Submission Form:

Commissions are currently:


Commission request recieved. I will respond to your email to confirm shortly. (Please allow 1-2 working days for replies, if commissions are closed I may not get back to you within that time)

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