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Commissions & Freelance

If you're here, maybe your looking to ask me for some work? From illustrations to animations, character Designs to colouring. If you're in the mood to commission me then hit that order button to the right! If you think you might have a peculiar request, feel free to ask for a quote via my contact page!

COMMISSIONS - (Prices Listed Below!)


 If commissions are currently closed, its most likely because I have a backlog of work to get through, or am working on freelance contracts, however you can still feel free to message me through the contact page or my social media to make a request (although I cannot guarantee I'll have time to respond while commissions are closed).


 For general commissions I accept payment via Paypal invoice. To protect myself from fraudulent or otherwise phoney requests, general commissions must have payment made upfront. The invoice is also a proof of purchase for yourself, reassuring you that any accepted request will be fulfilled.

FREELANCE - (Prices Per Day Listed Below!)


 In terms of freelance work, when working remotely I will provide previews of any in-progress work taking place over multiple days,

these previews will be watermarked until full payments are confirmed. If raw files are required for delivery (i.e. Photoshop Documents, Tvpaint projects, After Effects projects, dependency files, etc), then these will be delivered alongside the final version, unfortunately this is necessary in order to protect myself and my work. 


 Payments will be in the form of Paypal Invoices however their cost will be determined via the number of days worked or based off of a previously agreed upon quotation. If any additional work is requested on top of what was previously discussed, I withhold my right to apply the additional cost to your final invoice. Full payment upfront will not be required for freelance contracts, however partial payment may be requested upon accepting a contract. 

Comission Price List

Anchor 1

Character Sketch - Full Body


Full Colour Character-Black Line


Full Colour Character - Coloured Lines


Rough Animation - Monochrome 5-10 Secs/Loop

£50+ (More complex animations will require quotations)

Animation Refined + Full Colour - 5-10s/Loop

£100+ (More Complex animations will require a quotation)

Logo/Graphic Design

Message me for a quotation!

Motion Graphics for logos/intros

Message me for a quotation!

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Freelance Price List

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Storyboard Artist - Full Colour

£150 per day

Storyboard artist - Partial colour

£120 per day

Storyboard Artist - Black and White

£100 per day

Character Artist

£100 Per day

After Effect Animator/Motion Graphics Designer

£110 per day

TVPaint Animator

£100 per day

TVPaint Colourist

£100 per 100 frames

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